Garderie La Floraison

Garderie La Floraison

The main goal of the pre-school education, as in family upbringing, is to contribute to the appropriate development of the child.

First of all, we believe in a well-rounded education, which considers the child as a whole. We believe in an approach that takes into account the different developmental phases of the child and contributes to the fulfillment of all aspects of the personality: physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social.

Secondly, education must take into account the particular needs of each child and accept them as he/she is. Thus, it must be founded on the child’s own reality to help fully develop their individual possibilities while encouraging integration into society.

Garderie La Floraison

Thirdly, we envision an educational process that is open to life. We consider close contact between the daycare center and the child’s natural social environment to be necessary.

Finally, we have a dynamic conception of education. We consider that the child learns by experimenting with nearby objects and his/her environment and not by passive knowledge acquisition. It is for this reason that playing has a primordial role in our approach.

It is in playing that the child fully develops. While playing, the child learns to face reality in his/or own way, to better understand and to master it. Playing allows the child to develop fine motor skills. Playing also encourages the expression of feelings, and intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical development.

Of course, La Floraison daycare has the task of preparing children for academic success later on, but its role is much larger. Our daycare is a centre of comprehensive development that respects the individuality of each child with a spirit of community.

It is a daycare centre that focuses on the development of a creative, curious, reflexive, well-rounded person with good self-esteem, who is responsible both for his or herself and the community. It is for this reason that we offer children a stimulating and balanced educational environment. This creates situations that allow children to explore, discover, create, play, problem-solve, share, collaborate and express themselves. We also believe that while accomplishing this educational task, that we must coordinate our actions with those of the parents, and if possible, with the community.

We see the teacher as an enlightened guide. He/she must create situations in which the child will find, on its own, the means to develop in its own way and rhythm. It is paramount that the educator listens to the children in order to respond to their individual needs, while encouraging their integration into the group and society. In this way, we aim to better prepare the child for the world of tomorrow while respecting the world of today.

La Garderie La Floraison Inc. is open year-round from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. for children from 2 to 4 years of age.

Garderie La Floraison Inc.

Attention: Nadine Cormier, propriétaire

Address: Centre culturel Aberdeen 140, rue Botsford, suite 1, Moncton (NB), E1C 4X5
Telephone: (506) 855-5987
E-mail: [email protected]

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