Club 6-12

Club 6-12

Club 6-12 Inc. is an after-school care service that operates during the regular school year and a summer day care facility for francophone children of the Moncton area.

Club 6-12 is an incorporated non-profit society, directed by an administrative board composed of member-parents and two directors. It is established in the Aberdeen Cultural Centre in Moncton and therefore has access to the services offered by several organizations and artists housed in the Centre.

The main goal of Club 6-12 is to contribute to the integral and harmonious development of the child while respecting each one’s individuality. Club 6-12 strives for the development of a creative, independent, curious, engaged, well-rounded individual with high self-esteem and a sense of responsibility for his or herself and others.

The activities can be grouped into six main categories: science, visual arts, performing arts, cooking, sports, crafts, sewing, etc. Activities vary from day to day and are sometimes stretched out over several days, according to the complexity of the activity and the interest shown by the child.

Club 6-12

Club 6-12 believes that communication, above all, is the key to learning.

There are only a few rules of self-discipline that are seen as necessary elements to creating a both physically and psychologically safe environment, and to maintain a basic framework for the life of the group.

For example, we prefer not to use speak of punishments and rewards, but rather of actions and consequences.

The day program is set up in such a way as to recognize how we can contribute to the harmony, rhythm, and efficiency of learning. Despite having a firm structure, the program is by no means rigid or closed-minded. On the contrary, its flexibility and openness is just as noticeable during its organized activities as it is during our numerous outings, field trips and organized visits, which round out the children’s schedule.

Club 6-12 Inc.
Attention: Linda Dubé ou Daniel Godin

Address : Centre culturel Aberdeen 140, rue Botsford, suite 24, Moncton (NB) E1C 4X5
Telephone: 859-1498

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